My Latest Short Films

Gher – The festival with a difference

The Gher festival of the Garasia tribes of Rajasthan is of a completely different type as compared to other Gher festivals. The specialty here is that even in bizarre costumes the costumes of all the characters represent their character and accordingly the dancers dance with the rhythm and perform in circles.

Some lezim dancers carry a small musical instrument lezim accompanied.

Why Make a Will?

The Will is an important document. It ensures your tangible and intangible properties are distributed in the manner you want them to be.  It saves time, stress and money of your chosen successors in legal matter. It makes sure your dependents are taken care of when you are no more. Reduce possibilities of any dispute. Yet, many people do not make a will.

In this film, a girl speaks to a legal professional about why everyone should write their will.


The process of getting back your strength, health and positive spirit after a long spell of illness is a difficult one. This film is the story of an award-winning artist Mahendra Mistry, who was diagnosed with Covid-19. After hospitalization and rejuvenating, he has started his work on sketching and painting once again.


GANDHI The short documentary has been made to make people aware about Mahatma Gandhi’s Philosophies and commitments. The story is illustrated using original murals , oil paintings and sculptures by an artist Mahendra Mistry showing his views of the life and principles of Mahatma Gandhi.


GOLFARIYO MELA literally means whirling and the GolFariyo Fair at Rumadiya village is marked by the acrtobatic formation of two tribal people who hang on rope connected with rotating beam that makes them with around. This festival sees a large gathering of Rathva and Bhil tribal people who pray for better crop production and better health for their communities in the coming season.


Pithora painting is a religious ritual folk art done on the walls by the Bhil, Bhilala, Pataliya, Rathwa tribes of Western Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, India. The tribal men paint these figures on the wall asking Pithora Baba to heal illnesses, undo bad omens. And pray for health, peace, prosperity, happiness, and a good harvest.


Wetland are areas with water natural or artificial, temporary or permanent, static or flowing, fresh or salty. Wetlands are home of water animals, birds and amphibians. Wetlands maintain biodiversity, water quality, provide habitat for animals, birds, boating, fishing, bird watching. 14183 wetlands in Gujarat,
India. Which include 1358 Inland natural,2448 Costal natural,10075 Inland man maid, 302 Costal man maid wetlands.

4 Ramsar wetland sites in Gujarat. We hope for more Ramsar wetland sites to be declare.

Garba – a Traditional Gujarati Folk Dance and Song

Navratri is an Indian festival that covers nine autumnal nights in September – October.

During this festival women and men, girls and boys in Gujarat, a state of western India, dance wearing colorful costumes to devotional songs and music dedicated to the nine mother goddesses.

Garba is performed in a circle. The dance with idol of Goddess in Centre symbolizes that cycle of time revolves from birth, to life, to death and again to rebirth, the only thing that remains unchanged in a constantly changing universe is the creator.

As Covid-19 cases going down since 2022 the GARBA pre -Navratri and Navratri festival is back in full swing. In this Smartphone film the celebrity singer from Gujarat Aishwarya Majmudar performs pre-Navratri Garba events for the Indian diaspora at Sydney.